7 Communication tips for better Hearing!

It is not just the hard of hearing person who needs to act upon their hearing loss, but also their friends and family as conversation is a two-way process. Here are some simple tips and advice for better hearing.

  • The speaker should ensure he has the hard of hearing person’s attention before her starts conversing with them.
  • Face your listener. Visual cues always help, even the normally hearing people in noisy background surroundings. 
  • Speak slower and clearer. Remember than even if the person is wearing a hearing aid, their hearing is not completely rectified in all acoustic environments especially if the person is of very old age. Other medical problems may also impair their understanding, e.g. dementia.
  • No shouting or whispering! It is better to talk at normal conversational level, as shouting can distort your speech and make it difficult for the person to understand. 
  • Repeat. Rephrase or paraphrase to facilitate understanding. You can also ask them to repeat what you said or meant at the end to ensure they have heard or understood.
  • Do not interrupt, make complex sentences or speak very quickly. 
  • Do not chew or cover your mouth while talking.
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