Euthymiades Audiology Centres are a private family business, pioneers in assisting the hearing impaired population on the island of Cyprus.

Euthymiades Audiology Centres began as an import-export company founded in 1899 by late grandfather Zenon J.Euthymiades. Using his contacts abroad he was the first one to import the first hearing aid into Cyprus. That size of the business soon grew thanks to word of mouth and a rudimentary audiology centre was established in 1945, the first on the island. Later on the first lab was opened and with the necessary training sessions abroad certified persons were able to fit hearing aids.

Now with the expansion of the business, and with more than a century of experience, audiology centers are founded in all major towns of Cyprus. A team of experienced fully qualified acousticians, clinical audiologists, and professional highly skilled technicians are devoted to serve the hearing impaired. A UK registered clinical scientist in all areas of audiology is the new addition to the strong experienced team.

Euthymiades Audiology Centres have recently expanded their Pediatric services with some of the latest equipment designed for use by trained health care professionals involved in testing new born babies and young children.

A highly equipped Balance Clinic is set up in collaboration with ENT doctors, for complete vestibular assessments and rehabilitation. Full product range of audiological equipment of hearing and balance as well as calibration services are offered to hospitals and clinics.

The Euthymiades Audiology Centres team leads a successful Cochlear Implant program offering the best hearing performance for children and adults.

Zenon J. Euthymiades


John Z. Euthymiades


Zenon J. Euthymiades