Zenon J. Euthymiades

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Zenon J. Euthymiades

Welcome to Euthymiades Audiology Centres! A private family business, pioneers in assisting the hearing-impaired population on the island of Cyprus.

Euthymiades Audiology Centres began as an import-export company founded in 1899 by late grandfather Zenon J. Euthymiades. Using his contacts abroad he was the first one to import the first hearing aid into Cyprus. That size of the business soon grew thanks to word of mouth and a rudimentary audiology centre was established in 1945, the first on the island. Later on, the first lab was opened and with the necessary training sessions abroad certified persons were able to fit hearing aids.

Through the years the company has expanded and with more than a century of experience, audiology centres are founded across the whole of Cyprus. A strong team of experienced professionals, qualified acousticians, audiologists, and highly skilled technicians are devoted to serve the hearing impaired.

The business continues to develop and evolve incorporating new techniques and methods, always keeping abreast with cutting edge hearing aid technology.

Official distributors of PHONAK Switzerland and OTICON Denmark, Euthymiades Audiology Centres have the only certified Paediatric hearing aid centre on the island with some of the latest equipment designed for the diagnosis and management of hearing-impaired babies and children that follows them through their teenage years and then adulthood.

The Euthymiades Audiology Centres team leads a successful Cochlear Implant program offering the best hearing performance for children and adults.

It is a privilege and honour to be part of such a legacy which has been trusted to us to grow and develop always having in the epicentre the needs of the hearing-impaired population in Cyprus.


On behalf of Euthymiades Audiology Centres,

Michael Euthymiades – CEO