1. What do we mean by hearing loss, hard of hearing, anacusis or hearing impairment?
2. Can hearing loss be categorized?
3. What are the causes of hearing loss?
4. How is hearing loss measured?
5. Understanding your Hearing Loss
6. What are Hearing Aids?
7. What types of Hearing Aids are there?
8. What are the most suitable Hearing Aids for me?
9. Do I need one or two Hearing Aids?
10. How much does a Hearing Aid cost?
11. Is it possible to try them first before deciding if buying or not?
12. Do Hearing Aids come with a warranty?
13. I face a hearing problem at one ear only. Is there a way to deal with it?
14. What is the life time of a Hearing Aid?
15. What is tinnitus?