Adult Hearing Services

Euthymiades Audiology Centres were the first Centres in Cyprus to offer the hearing aid technology for assessing and managing hearing impaired adults and has set the foundations for hearing aid fitting in Cyprus.

Today we use computer-based digital technology and scientific methods (e.g.REMs) for the ideal programming of your aids. Hearing aid solutons for people who suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus are now tiny and sophisticated with unrivalled performance.

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Paediatric Hearing Services

Euthymiades Audiology Centres offer a modern and specialised clinical hearing service providing full diagnostic assessments for children of all ages. Our services include all the latest equipment and expertise to test children from 0-16 years of age during natural sleep or conditioned play according to chronological and developmental stages.

Parents can contact us directly for tests. We also accept referrals and have established links with allied private and public professionals, such as Pediatricians, Speech and language therapists, Ear Nose Throat doctors and Neurologists across the island and abroad for holistic management and communication.

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Through Euthymiades Audiology Centres we offer scientific clinical balance assessment and management in a highly equipped and friendly environment.

We accept referrals from Ear Nose Throat doctors, Neurologists, Pathologists and other doctors. We also accept self referrals provided a recent medical check has been performed.

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Tinnitus is an annoying and distressing condition for more than two million people in the U.K. People with tinnitus hear noises ranging from high-pitched ringing to buzzing, humming, and rushing sounds. The noises happen because the tiny hair cells in the inner ear which send sound messages to the brain have been damaged in some way. They send confusing signals that the brain cannot interpret.

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Technical Services

Since 1949 we have been successfully leading a technical lab of the highest quality standards of services in Cyprus. Our fully equipped lab and our certified and experienced technicians assemble custom made hearing aids with the authorization and approval of well known Swiss and European manufacturers.

We always ensure to keep full stock of spare parts for a prompt and professional service.

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Medical and Audiological Equipment Installations

For information regarding our Medical and Audiological Equipment Installations, please call us on