Euthymiades Audiology Centres were the first Centres in Cyprus to offer the hearing aid technology for assessing and managing hearing impaired adults and has set the foundations for hearing aid fitting in Cyprus.

Today we use computer-based digital technology and scientific methods (e.g.REMs) for the ideal programming of your aids. Hearing aid solutons for people who suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus are now tiny and sophisticated with unrivalled performance.

Become one of thousands of adults Euthymiades Audiology Centres have treated over the years and achieve the highest performance the latest technology can offer you, so that:

  • Your quality of life is significantly improved
  • Your lost confidence is found
  • You optimize your family, social and professional activities
  •  Your ongoing technical support is guaranteed.

Euthymiades Audiology Centres use modern and nationally standardized methods for diagnosing hearing loss and latest hearing aid fitting strategies which allows comparisons, ongoing monitoring and service improvement based on European standards.

You can approach us directly by referring yourself. A large number of our patients are also referred by ENT doctors with which we collaborate and communicate closely for better outcomes. The ENT doctor can give medical treatment if you complain of infections, pain, perforations which may affect your hearing aid fitting.


If you, or any of your family, or friends suspect they have a hearing loss you can simply visit us for a hearing test to find out. We will also discuss your symptoms, the effect on your lifestyle, explain your test results so that we advise you and choose together the most appropriate hearing solution for you.

What’s the best hearing solution for me?

The most expensive hearing aid is not the best for everyone. Nowadays there are many affordable but also suitable models to choose from.

At Euthymiades Audiology Centres, we follow the key steps with you for a successful solution, which is not just an affordable hearing aid but also:

Step 1 = Full Hearing Test and Diagnosis
Step 2 = Full Assessment of your Needs
Step 3 = Reliable, Suitable, Quality hearing aid choice
Step 4 = Successful and Good Fitting
Step 5 = Ongoing Technical Support

Following these steps with us you are guaranteed satisfaction like thousands of others of who have been treated.

Our promise to you is optimizing your Quality of Life!