Laboratory Standards

Since 1949 we have been successfully leading a technical lab of the highest quality standards of services in Cyprus. Our fully equipped lab and our certified and experienced technicians assemble custom made hearing aids with the authorization and approval of well known Swiss and European manufacturers.

We always ensure to keep full stock of spare parts for a prompt and professional service.

Quality Standards

Our technical lab goes through regular ‘Production Quality Control’ from Authorised Technical Managers from Denmark and Switzerland, in order to ensure, approve and authorise production and service of our In-the-Ear instruments prepared for CE-marking according to MDD 93/42/EEC European Standards.

 technicianOur technical support is performed under full compliance with the requirements of each hearing aid brand we represent to ensure best service to our clients and validity of the manufacturer’s warrantee.

Manufacture – Service – Repair

Hearing Aids

Once a hearing loss is diagnosed and we decide on hearing aid fitting we may need to take impressions. The procedure lasts a few minutes. The hearing aid tends to be prepared within 24 HOURS, as we understand the importance of your needs.

We manufacture and/or assemble Custom made hearing aids including: tech1

  • In The Ear (ITE)
  • Completely In the Canal (CIC)
  • Ιnvisible In the Canal (IIC)


Ear moulds

These are needed for the Behind-The-Ear hearing aids. All types of hard and soft moulds can be made (i.e. full shell, skeleton, CIC, micro-moulds, c-shells etc) in house within 24 HOURS.

Swim plugs

Aimed for water protection for swimming, or showering for adults or children with sensitive ears, active or frequent ear infections, or ‘glue ear’ (otitis).





Noise plugs

Specialised noise plugs vary from fully occluding to ones with various types of filters to cut off or reduce noise allowing speech through.

Noise plugs are aimed for protecting the hearing of anyone frequently exposed to loud noise, such as:

  •  Construction or Factory workers
  • Hunters
  • Musicians
  • Bikers
  • Heavy vehicle drivers (e.g. soldiers, farmers)
  • Bus drivers