What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is an annoying and distressing condition for more than two million people in the U.K. People with tinnitus hear noises ranging from high-pitched ringing to buzzing, humming, and rushing sounds. The noises happen because the tiny hair cells in the inner ear which send sound messages to the brain have been damaged in some way. They send confusing signals that the brain cannot interpret.

The main factors known to cause tinnitus or worsen it are: noise exposure, certain medication, severe ear infections, head trauma and stress. To enable a sufferer to lessen the severity of tinnitus is to accept the existence of the tinnitus problem and try to live with it by ignoring it. Also to avoid as much as possible the noise exposure and to exercise daily.

Who is affected?

If you ask any random people in the street 90% of them have experienced temporary tinnitus at least once. The other 10% have permanent hissing, buzzing etc tinnitus.

So, as you see, you are not the only one!

How we deal with tinnitus?

1.  Once stress starts, it can cause a vicious circle, where the muscle tension and anxiety that arise from the stress can make tinnitus worse. This then makes the stress worse and so it goes on.

2.  There are many ways to relieve or even eliminate your tinnitus depending on the severity & the effects on you.

3.  By doing something that relaxes you, like listening to light music or looking at a natural calm scenery, helps you break that vicious circle and to replace it with a cycle of improvement where you become steadily calmer, more relaxed and more able to live with tinnitus.tinnitus2

4.  Coffee, tea, cola and tobacco should be eliminated from the diet. Also it is advisable to decrease salt intake.

5.  We can prescribe relaxation exercises to help enable you the control of muscles and circulation through out body.

Most times tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss. More than 85% of people with tinnitus find the solution in invisible, tiny, digital hearing aid devices that aims to reduce, minimize or eliminate your tinnitus (internal noise) by improving your hearing (external environment sounds, e.g. Speech).