Intiga wins iF Design Award 2012

Oticon Intiga, the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution, wins prestigious design award.

Copenhagen, November 2011 – Oticon Intiga has won the recognized iF Product Design Award 2012. Oticon’s newest advanced technology hearing instrument was honored for its outstanding design by the prestigious international competition that drew more than 4,000 entries from 48 countries.

Oticon Intiga’s innovative design impressed the iF award jury consisting of experts and renowned designers from all over the world. The iF Design Awards recognized Oticon Intiga as an example of world-class product design.

“We are pleased that this year’s iF Design Awards have recognized Oticon Intiga as an example of world-class product design,” said Søren Nielsen, President of Oticon A/S.

“When we created Intiga, our goal was to design an innovative hearing solution that would appeal to people with hearing loss who were new to amplification. We knew that in addition to outstanding audiological performance, Intiga’s look and feel would be critical to meeting the expectations of first-time users. The iF Design Award confirms our belief that Intiga offers first-time users a discreet, aesthetically appealing hearing solution that is unlike any other.”

About iF Design Award

The iF product design award is among the world’s most important awards for innovative product design. Internationally recognized jurors, consisting of designers and entrepreneurs, engage in critical discussion and debate to select the winning products from competing entries originating from 48 different countries. Since its inauguration in 1953, the iF design award has been an enduring tribute for outstanding design.

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