PROTECT YOUR HEARING – Action, not reaction!

We live in a noisy world, where the sound levels to which we are exposed regularly strain our hearing. Even seamlessly harmless sounds, such as the squeaking and jingling of children’s toys or the sound of a lawnmower, can cause hearing loss.

We should become more aware of the risks and show how they can be avoided.

Ear protection that closes off the auditory canal

This kind of hearing protection includes various types of ear plugs, ear plugs with frames, wadding and ear moulds. All of them are inserted into the ear and thereby close off the auditory canal. This type is made by an audiologist and is the most effective type as it is custom-made.

Ear protection that covers the ear

This type of hearing protection is not inserted into the ear, but sits on the ear in the same way as headphones do. The many different models provide appropriate protection for any use and situation.

According to EU guidelines, hearing protection is highly recommended to anyone working in noisy environments. Construction workers, DJ’s, musicians, factory workers etc are considered high-risk groups prone to acquired noise induced hearing loss as they are frequently exposed to high levels of noise.

Protect your hearing today as best as you can. It is easy and simple!

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